That Game Club has ceased its activities as of February 28, 2019.

That Game Club is a so far small group of gamers that play the same game over the same time span (but at their own pace). It was created by Nessa (HijackedCat) and Anny jumped on the wagon, bringing with her Casandra. Later on, Pokeninja90 got onboard too.
We started out on Twitter, but have since migrated to discuss games on the chat software LINE as we can have groups.

Current member count: –

None at the time

Send a mail to thatgameclub@outlook.com with the form below filled in and you will be added to our lists.

LINE user ID:
A few games you have that you’d like to play:

– Nick is the name we list you as in our list where Anny check what games may be available for everyone to suggest them.

– Consoles also include mobile device’s OS and computer OS. We prefer if you don’t just write PC and mobile, but specify if it’s Windows, OSX or Linux, or Android or iOS. It’s also appreciated if you mention which region a console is (this includes mobile devices). This is to be able to make sure that as many members as possible can play suggested games, instead of locking someone out because they have a region-locked console or the game isn’t available on their PC/mobile device.

Remember, at this time we only discuss at LINE, but the software is free to use and works on a lot of platforms! We will make information available here as well.