NORN9 Expectations

Here is an edited conversation of the expectation discussion done on June 1st on LINE. Casandra and HijackedCat were going to play in Japanese, and Anny and Pokeninja90 in English.


Pokeninja90: So we’re doing Norn9?

Casandra: Yup, we’re going to watch Anny rage at the translation.

P: Lol. This sounds like fun. I’ve heard people complain about it.

C: I’m expecting more plot than in Starry Sky had, so it’ll be harder to understand.

P: Yeah, it has a bit more substance that Starry Sky.

HijackedCat: I’m expecting Norn9 to be difficult because of the technical terms and the whole Sci-Fi thing. I’m also expecting to understand maybe 10-20% of the game, if that much. I’m going in assuming it’s gonna be harder than Amnesia and Starry Sky combined.

P: We’ll have to see how it all goes

C: I’m not expecting it to be that bad. I mean it’s voiced and I’m hoping a lot of the sci-fi stuff will be in katakana.

P: That does seem plausible

C: Has anyone actually looked at the guys yet? xD

H: I’ve seen some screens/artwork for the game. But I don’t know names, nor did I watch the anime…maybe I should watch the anime to make sense of it? (^_^;)

P: Yeah, they’re cute.


[Break as Anny wasn’t around to join in]

C: So, what do you expect Anny?

Anny: Bad translation, good story, wanting to play the next game, but much raging about spending 300 SEK on the translation.

H: Expecting hard to understand, pretty artwork, semi solid story, confusing storyline, and some cute romance moments and the game to be decent considering it’s popularity and adaptations.

C: Good story, not as much fluffy romance as Starry Sky, pretty artwork and trouble understanding it.

A: Well, I obviously expect some romance as well, but like Cas not as fluffy as Starry Sky. 😛

P: Eh, decent story uh…

H: You have no expectations at all for the game?

P: Not really, I kinda go into the game with no expectations so I’m rarely disappointed.

H: Oh, that’s awesome! I always end up having expectations even when trying not to.

A: I usually go in pretty neutral as well, but I’ve been told 2 things: crap translation and good story

P: Same, Anny

C: I’m going in fairly neutral. I expect a good story, because…it looks like it has plot? Like no high school setting, so someone tried at least. xD


[The conversation drifts to discussing the ages of the potential love interests…]

H: Are you sure there are no shota? There’s no character that’s a year below one of the female MC?

P: Nope, they are all older

C: H, youngest looking one appears to be 16.

H: If there’s a short or young looking one, they’re shota for me too 😛

P: Yeah all the guys are older than their heroines

A: Sorata’s 12. Idk if he’s romancable though.

P: I don’t think he is

H: If he’s cute, he’ll be the best boy, just like Orion is to me lol

H: There’s gonna be a skeevy old dude isn’t there?

C: They all look roughly the same age to me… How old is the heroine anyway? The game doesn’t come with a booklet. >.<

A: I think I saw someone being 29 and some around my age. Most were 16-19 though

P: (about heroines) 17, 18, and 16…. Koharu, Mikoto, and Nanami

H: 29???? He’s gonna be a gross dude if he hits on the underraged ones @_@

A: Well, I just quickly looked through the guys to look at ages and didn’t register any over 16.

H: Because we all know there’s always gotta be a disgusting dude somewhere in there to complete it all.

P: Oldest guy is 24

A: 25

P: Yes, you’re right

H: So are we good with, for now, the end date for finishing Norn9 being the 1st of September?

All: *noncommittal shrugs*







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