Shall We Date? Oz+ Expectations

Here is an edited version of the expectation discussion done on June 23rd on LINE. Since the start of Norn9 we have added four additional members, who will be participating in the special OZ+ Event!!


*Since we accept members from all over the globe, there are bound to be scheduling conflicts. So, all members were not present during this discussion.

Casandra: So, everyone tried the prologue?

[Loomy, Bricade, and HijackedCat nod]

Casandra: What did you think? XD
Casandra: I was kinda amazed by the proper English. No Google translate for this one.
Loomy: It was very childish which seems weird in a dating game xD
Casandra: Kinda yeah. ^^;
HijackedCat: I was surprised the MC had eyes, expressions, appeared in the CG’s, there was music and the looks of it is really pretty and eye grabbing. Also, Leonardo is moe asf!
Loomy: XD
Casandra: Glinda looks horrible though.
Loomy: The choose a boyfriend surprise obligation felt like good witch is a pimp xDD
HijackedCat: Plus Solomon with those thighs and crotch shots about killed me
Casandra: His legs look weird.
Loomy: Solomon is kinda hot to me but seems like he has a jerk personality lol
HijackedCat: Because he’s bent/floating or wtv it is he’s doing, all I noticed was thighs/crotch xDD
Bricade: Man when I started this game you could only pick Leo, heart, or crowlie
HijackedCat: I want to date Solomon after Leonardo, but he’s not dateable yet that ugly eyepatch dude is ugh
Casandra: … Nessa
HijackedCat: What? Who wouldn’t want to stare at Solomon for 10+hours? XDD
Casandra: I have no interest in dating the wicked witch, but there’s an event…
HijackedCat: The event is just about logging in to destiny ninja 2 and Oz
Bricade: I’ll be the only fan of Wesley XD
HijackedCat: He’s too smarmy ;_;
HijackedCat: Plus she’s 16 doing 17, he’s an old dude xD;
Casandra: Too big a fan of the actual witch. 😛
Loomy: Wesley seems… intriguing :3


[Pokeninja90 and Lilli join the chat]

Pokeninja90: Is it too late to join?
Casandra: Anyone else find the option to date Oz kinda creepy?
HijackedCat: Never!
Pokeninja90: The game chat
HijackedCat: Yes!
Casandra: Nope.
Lilli: Tbh all the guys make me laugh just thinking about the fact I can date a scarecrow and a cat
Pokeninja90: I like Oz he’s cute
HijackedCat: Oz and Wesley as dateable [characters] is creepy as fuck
HijackedCat: They’re creepers
Lilli: YASS, Oz is supposed to be like a billion years old like
Bricade: I kinda thought the setup was kinda lame? Or am I expecting too much of mobile ?
HijackedCat: Considering her AGE
Pokeninja90: Meh I’ve seen worse
Casandra: I might just have seen the wizard of Oz film too often…
Lilli: 16 plus hot million year old OK
HijackedCat: AW, I think Oz+ is really cute and sweet, plus moe, unlike some others and the dudes are real sweethearts
Casandra: Bri, the setup was super forced.
HijackedCat: Unlike Magic Sword with sexist Ethan and A-hole Ray
Pokeninja90: But Wesley can sit on a bus
Casandra: Not a million years. He’s a middle aged dude in the original.
Lilli: Tbh magic sword was pretty bad…
Pokeninja90: After the prologue I’m not interested enough to pick this game up for real
Lilli: Rays sweet end was still the best tho
Casandra: Which is what I keep seeing in my mind when I hear Oz. ^^;
Pokeninja90: Lol, Cas I can see that
HijackedCat: I kept playing after the prologue, but I’ll admit to weakness to Nekomimi, Solomon, and the chibi artwork being adorable haha
Casandra: I kinda wanna see where this goes. Maybe I’ll steal Leonardo from Nessa.
Lilli: I keep thinking of supernatural wizard of oz eps and that guy was OLD
HijackedCat: Plus the CG’s and backgrounds are real good
Loomy: I can see the age difference problem but i tend to see the heroine as me so it doesn’t bother me much
Pokeninja90: Oh yes lilli!
Bricade: ^^ same loomy
Bricade: That’s why super young kinda creeps me more than older
Pokeninja90: I don’t do that, but age is just a number in these things
HijackedCat: When they outright say she’s 16 making 17 makes it hard to ignore, plus I don’t put myself in as MC. Only on P3P because I want to personally feel like I shagged Akihiko xD;
Casandra: I can understand that too Bri.
Pokeninja90: Lol Nessa
Lilli: I’m kinda getting to the point where um meh about ages but….
Loomy: Maybe I drool too much to care lol
Pokeninja90: Meh, I have Ozmafia to play if I want an oz game
Bricade: Yeah it was weird going from ozamafia to oz+
HijackedCat: Let’s pretend I didn’t shag Ken who is 10
Lilli: Oohh ozmafia I totally forgot about it
Pokeninja90: So far not impressed with the game
HijackedCat: /laughs awkwardly
HijackedCat: I haven’t played Ozmafia ORZ
Lilli: stares @ nessa
Pokeninja90: Wow Nessa
Loomy: Seriously oz+ seems lame, i’m curious how cliche each bf will come off
Casandra: [about Nessa] (officer, it’s this one)
Loomy: But the graphics are nice
HijackedCat: Nah, I don’t think they fucked, it’s just that they did a long time together alone /leaves to the imagination
Pokeninja90: Plus another f2p game is too much for my patience
HijackedCat: Graphics are A+ indeed!
Bricade: I’m pretty far in the heartman route, it’s cute but I’m super slow because I don’t care all that much.
Casandra: This is my first f2p otoge, so I’m also curious to see how clichéd this will be.
Pokeninja90: I always lose interest with f2p
Bricade: Cass we picked a one that lives in clichés
Pokeninja90: Because of the tickets
Loomy: I’ve stopped at end of prologue. They describe oz, the one i picked, as really full of himself even though caring about MC so i’m preparing for some serious jerky moments
Pokeninja90: Oh really? He’s the only one I’m interested in


[Conversation devolved into a brief discussion about Amnesia: Memories, before getting back on track]

Loomy: So I didn’t get the ticket system in oz+. We have limited replay ?
Pokeninja90: Yes tickets reload each day
Pokeninja90: Once you use your daily tickets that’s it for the day
HijackedCat: 5 tickets is the Max, but they reload some 6 per day, I think
Loomy: Oh ok so it’s just that you can’t go too fast in the game
HijackedCat: Yeah plus you have checkpoints
Pokeninja90: Which are a pain in the butt
HijackedCat: Where you have to have money to buy the items or the charm/wtv needed to pass
HijackedCat: Oz+ actually gives a lot of money per greeting + comment
Pokeninja90: Hmmm
Loomy: O. o
HijackedCat: Magic Sword in comparison was cheapskate, only giving 10. While Oz+ gives 20. Wizardess and Nieflheim gives 30 xD

[Conversation ends when Cas goes to bed]



One thought on “Shall We Date? Oz+ Expectations

  1. Since I couldn’t join in because I had gone tobed, I’ll share my expectations here.

    Before the prologue I expected little, but kind of hoped for a bit of crappy English. The English is, however, decent, so I don’t really know what to expect. I did choose Oz among the guys though as he reminds me of Kaito Kuroba from Magic Kaito/Detective Conan and I hooe for a few fangirl moments, but I really don’t have much more that I expect. At best this results in a good blog post on my blog, lol.

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