Expectations – Taarradhin

<discussion got out of hand while waiting>
Casandra: To be continued after the Taarradhin discussion 😛
Casandra: Who’s going to be playing it?
HijackedCat: MOI
Loomy: I’ll try it
Pokeninja90: Me
Pink: I’ll try. Do I need my computer to play it?
Pokeninja90: Yea
Casandra: I’m supposed to be giving my RSI a break (I suck at this so far), so I’m passing on this one
Casandra: https://thatgameclub.wordpress.com/category/announcements/ <– all the details
Pink: Oh. Then I might not be able to play it. My computer’s too kimoi to handle gaming.
HijackedCat: Give it a try
HijackedCat: It might work since it’s for Linux and Mac too
Loomy: What’s kimoi ? Is that sh*t ?
Pink: Uh uh. That stuff doesn’t work on mine. I’ll just try to steal my bf’s Mac.
Casandra: Ren’py is fairly easy on the hardware in my experience. My laptop runs it and that’s not a gaming rig.
Pink: Oh wait.
Casandra: No Mac?
<convo drifts to which machine Pink can use>
Casandra: http://taarradhin.cyanide-tea.net/#download <- hot people aside it looks very historic. xD
Pink: I historical stuff. It better be historically accurate though.
Pokeninja90: Ah
Pink: Naja’s here?!
Pink: Hi.
HijackedCat: historical stuff tends to be hit or miss
Loomy: Lol I love pussy but only when it goes meow xD
HijackedCat: LMAO
Casandra: *high fives Pink* We should watch historical films together sometime. xD
Pokeninja90: *raises hand but puts it down*
HijackedCat: Loomy LMAO
Pink: LMAO Loomy
Pokeninja90: Yup
HijackedCat: Pink loves watching stuff together in rabbit
Pokeninja90: Been here for a bit Pink
<convo derails horribly>
Casandra: *coughs* back on topic
HijackedCat: I’m just a participant
HijackedCat: Cas is in charge today
Casandra: Sooo, any expectations?
Pokeninja90: I have a conference call at 4
HijackedCat: I expect it to look pretty
Casandra: The art does look good. ^^
HijackedCat: And not be broken and riddled with bugs
Pink: Yeah
Pokeninja90: Very nice
Casandra: I’d expect a story that tries hard to… have a moral? Not sure how to put it….
HijackedCat: Like a fairytale?
Pokeninja90: I don’t think so
HijackedCat: Probs can play the game in an hour
Pokeninja90: They’re other games aren’t like that
Loomy: I haven’t looked too much into it so I don’t really know what to expect except befriending++ slaves
Casandra: Naja, aren’t like what? The convo moved a bit too quick for me there. ^^;
Pokeninja90: Aren’t fluff
Pokeninja90: They like deep stories
HijackedCat: Haven’t played any yet
HijackedCat: It’s gonna be my cyanide tea virginity
Casandra: Yeah, I kind of figured from the description. You don’t add slaves if you’re aiming for fluff.
Pokeninja90: They like that sort of thing
Pokeninja90: I really like their other games
Loomy: So impossible love?
HijackedCat: I’m not expecting much in story because I’m not sure what to expect, but I do hope it’s good
Pokeninja90: And they all do great work
Pokeninja90: So I actually expect something good this time
HijackedCat: Ristorante Amore looked like fluff tho
Pink: So excited to see the bishounen slave boys
Casandra: Loomy, well if you were one of the slaves, would you be happy to have your new master trying to sleep with you?
Casandra: You can’t really say no….
HijackedCat: I’m excited to see if there’s female interests
Pokeninja90: Depends on the master
HijackedCat: I want sex between the slaves
Pokeninja90: I think there is
HijackedCat: Slave and master like that is just forced and rape
Casandra: Nessa, hence Naja and me not expecting fluff.
HijackedCat: I like consensual slave/master play, but not like for realsies
Loomy: Yeah but I mean if there is love between slave and master and marriage it must be not seen well, right ?
Casandra: Loomy, yeah you couldn’t really marry a slave. So if the romance goes well, it’s doomed. Alternatively, the romance could be non-existent and this all gets rapey.
Casandra: Have fun! xD
Loomy: Lol
HijackedCat: I hope it goes rapey
HijackedCat: But gets dealt well with
Casandra: That would be amazing.
HijackedCat: Rape needs to be better approached and feature in these games with gravity
Loomy: The master looks like a dignified woman so I doubt it goes rapey. But it’s only judging by the cover
HijackedCat: There’s lots of ripping clothes and throwing her down on a bed, but it’s seen as okay, which isn’t
HijackedCat: Never heard that covers deceive?
Casandra: True. This genre does have a lot of issues with rape.
Pink: I’d totally marry a slave.
HijackedCat: And that people are double faced?
HijackedCat: Yup
Casandra: Well it’d could be a more subtle imbalance of power.
HijackedCat: Otoge an BL are the rape stop
Loomy: It looks to me like a sweet game xD dunno why though
HijackedCat: You can bet your ass there’s at least one creepy instance in them whole playing
Casandra: Loomy:, the art does look very sweet.
Loomy: More about politics and why other masters are bitches
Loomy: Maybe
HijackedCat: The art looks warm and pleasing
HijackedCat: But art is deceitful
Casandra: Warm is good description!
Loomy: Maybe the rapes is done by another master close to MC
HijackedCat: Higurashi looked like it was a sweet cute slice of life
Casandra: The thing is, you can’t really avoid the power imbalance.
Loomy: If there is one
HijackedCat: Then it went blood time
Pokeninja90: See yall
HijackedCat: Have fun
HijackedCat: And don’t die
Loomy: See ya naja ^^
HijackedCat: Power imbalance is the definition of master and slave to start with
HijackedCat: Just like it is with chief and a waiter
Pink: Gtg to Spanish class. Bye.
Casandra: Good luck Pink.
Pink: Thanks!
HijackedCat: Have fun with sonaihs
HijackedCat: Spanish
HijackedCat: Learn for me too
Loomy: See ya Pink ^^
Casandra: Hmm, it says the MC is naive, but kind hearted. So maybe it’ll take an angle of how masters can unthinkingly hurt their slaves?
HijackedCat: Did Iris come?
Casandra: I mean, simply owning them hurts them in a way.
Casandra: I think she’s asleep.
HijackedCat: Ah k
HijackedCat: Is the mc a slave or a master?
HijackedCat: /hasn’t read anything
Casandra: Master
Loomy: Master from what I got
HijackedCat: Ooh
Loomy: (mistress ?)
HijackedCat: that changes it then
HijackedCat: I hope it’s not gonna romanticise slaverism then
Loomy: Maybe she’s dumb and do all the bad things and then after they cry she’s being a better woman
Loomy: XD
Casandra: lol xD
HijackedCat: I could see it as her trying to free the slaves
Casandra: Nessa, well from what Naja just said I think it’ll be handled well. Guess that’s going to be the big surprise.
HijackedCat: and then falling for them while that, but only hooking up once they’re free
HijackedCat: but that’s a lot of supposition
HijackedCat: so I’ll try to refrain from expectations xD;
Casandra: lol, shall we wrap up here then?
HijackedCat: it’s your call
Casandra: Wrapping up time then.

<Lilli & Iris missed the previous convo and sent it separately>
Lilli: Ooh this game,
Lilli: Looking short
Lilli: Looking like something I wont remember
Lilli: so it’ll be fun lololol
Iris: Yes I have been asleep ^^; I don’t have any expectations since I haven’t played cyanide tea in a long time, though, so Cas isn’t missing anything from me.
HijackedCat: I’ve never played cyanide tea oop
Lilli: I played their vampire game but I don’t dabble in them much


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