Taarradhin Conclusion

This is an edited conversation of the conclusion discussion about the Cyanide Tea visual novel, Taarradhin done on October 12th on Line.

Pokeninja90:    Okay well let’s start with what we got

Pokeninja90:    So what did everyone think about the game?

Pink:    MC-chan seemed pretty spoiled

Loomy:    It was a pretty short game with very few options of dialogue, the fact that you have to unlock more dialogue by re doing the game multiple times was surprising at first

Iris:    They should’ve fleshed it out,  instead of giving such a short story

Pokeninja90:    I loved the artwork, but I found the story to be problematic

Pokeninja90:    The game was created for NaNoReNo… so they only had a month to develop it, so I understand why it was short

Cat:    the mc was….

Iris:    A lot of things could be addressed but instead we were given a super cliché story

Pink:    The endings left much to be desired, apparently.

Cat:    The true ending didn’t redempt it at all, it needed a gravity and fleshing that this short of a game didn’t

Loomy:    I don’t really know if i liked it and that way of doing in the end xD

Loomy:    The fact that it was short helped accept it

Cat:    Especially when she was super bitch in the love routes

Cat:    and the true ending……………………

Cat:    “oh what a brave soul, sacrificing herself for them, but it’s okay she ain’t gonna die whichever way, even tho they did in the other ends”

Pokeninja90:    Yeah me either

Pokeninja90:    But again it was for NaNoReNo

Pokeninja90:    So they didn’t have much time for production

Cat:    Then they shouldn’t have done this type of heavy subject

Loomy:    Story was meh, could have been more historically oriented

Cat:    That needed much more fleshing out

Pink:    What was up with the sacrifice thing anyway?

Pokeninja90:    Cyanide Tea usually cover deep subject matter

Cat:    The stars of the game were definitely the slaves, Avaarand and Jyrik or whatever their names were, in the true ending

Cat:    this needed more fleshing than a 1h 20 minute game

Pink:    I feel like if she truly wanted to, the MC could’ve prevented it.

Iris:    I was actually disappointed BECAUSE I’ve played Cyanide Tea games before

Cat:    The only good thing going for the game is the art and really the slaves, the rest was beh

Pokeninja90:    I checked out the other NaNoReNo games from 2014

Loomy:    Nessa wants flesh again and again, we know :p

Cat:    LOL

Pink:    Lots of six-packs

Pokeninja90:    Taarradhin was the most unique

Iris:    That too, the MC is actually pretty powerful

Pink:    Male and female

Cat:    I haven’t played cyanide tea before and this doesn’t make me want to

Pokeninja90:    I wanted a romance option for the slaves

Cat:    I wanted them to date each other, cause them falling for her in just 3 days was just weird… it was unrealistic

Pink:    Exactly. If MC had that much power, she should’ve done something

Pokeninja90:  Their other games are really good,Usually short, but still really deep

Pink:    Other than moan about how her slaves don’t realize how good they have it.

Pokeninja90:    Was it?

Iris:    It feels realistic for me

Iris:    Her complaining

Pokeninja90:    As problematic as Neqtia was, that’s how the nobility see the poor

Loomy:    At first I chose the guy, he was kinda secretive or so I thought and he seemed not to really love mc

Iris:    What I couldn’t stand was her transition

Loomy:    But, just marrying because why not

Pink:    Why would he love her?

Cat:    3 days with her…I felt like they only went along with her being in love so as not to be killed and climb the ranks tbh

Pokeninja90:    It was fairly realistic in that respect

Pink:    Why do any of them love her?

Cat:    Yes, I meant what wasn’t realistic was Jyrik or Avaandra loving Neqtia

Cat:    in 3 days

Cat:    and even the true ending still had issues to me

Pokeninja90:    The romance aspect was flawed

Pink:    It’s unrealistic to think that enslaved people would suddenly fall in love with the person who treats them badly

Loomy:    I guess it’s more about the twists of the story than the love aspect

Cat:    Maybe if it didn’t have the “romance” ends and was just the true ending it’ be better

Pokeninja90:    However the true message of the game was relations between the rich and poor

Iris:    The true ending made a little more sense to me since they had more interactions enough to be called friends

Pokeninja90:    Not the romance

Iris:    The romance was just really…empty and fake

Pokeninja90:    I feel like this could have been a one route game with no romance

Iris:    That^^

Pink:    So….it was more of a friendship kind of game?

Cat:    Just the true ending it would’ve been good

Pokeninja90:    Just a social commentary

Iris:    Or they could switch the routes

Cat:    But with the other endings….nah

Loomy:    Friendship with people who are forced to befriend you in a way lol

Pink:    Because the romance really didn’t seem to fit anywhere into the story

Pokeninja90:    It was doing too much at once

Iris:    And give bad ends for everything except the true ending

Pokeninja90:    The game was trying to be a romance and a social commentary

Iris:    Like sure they married, and then the slave overthrows Neqtia or like takes over the nobility

Iris:    Too many things at once

Iris:    It had a huge plot hole too

Pink:    If the MC did fall in love it become friends with the slaves, couldn’t she have just freed them?

Pokeninja90:    What did ya’ll think of the art?

Pink:    Art looked pretty good

Cat:    The art was gorgeous

Loomy:    the art was nice. I didn’t find it great but nice

Iris:    In the romance ends only one person had to die, but in the neutral and true end 2 slaves or 1 noble had to die like what??

Cat:    really warm and with density

Pokeninja90:    She did when they married Pink

Pink:    Yeah, I’m with Loomy

Pink:    Wow.

Iris:    I like the backgrounds

Pink:    Yeah, I’m so done.

Iris:    The character designs were interesting

Cat:    She saved the one that she loved

Pink:    But not all of his friends/family?!

Pokeninja90:    Yeah, they were colorful

Cat:    But not the other, because someone had to be sacrificed, and she didn’t know why not

Iris:    Anyone find it funny how you NEVER see Neqtia’s hair?

Cat:    yeah, Iris

Iris:    Even when she goes onto the altar she’s still in her noble clothes

Pokeninja90:    Technically being sacrificed made them free

Pink:    She acted like she wasn’t powerful enough to stop the sacrifice….

Iris:    There was only a veil to show that shes the sacrifice

Pink:    Lol Naja

Pink:    In a dark way, yeah.

Cat:    no

Cat:    it made their souls go to the goddess

Pink:    Good for them, then.

Pink:    Ohh.

Cat:    To be with her/captured by her


Pokeninja90:    Exactly, they weren’t slaves anymore

Cat:    Which was seen as a good thing

Iris:    If you read deeper actually they never went to the goddess

Pokeninja90:    It’s allegory for established religion

Iris:    Because it was unwilling sacrifice they aren’t “saved” per se, just dead

Pink:    Maybe Neqtia didn’t have hair?

Pokeninja90:    Follow the doctrines

Iris:    LMAO PINK

Pokeninja90:    Blind faith

Pink:    Hey! It could be possible.

Iris:    Good point Naja.

Pink:    One of the slaves probably scalped her in her sleep

Pokeninja90:    The Egyptian nobility cut their hair off

Pink:    I would’ve.

Iris:    But like she even wakes up in the turban

Cat:    Yes, in the true ending

Pokeninja90:    Lol Pink

Pink:    Lol, or that.


Pink:    *spits out water*

Pink:    IRIS

Pokeninja90:    Sigh… religion is scary sometimes

Cat:    I just find the game offensive, and badly executed


Loomy:    She thought cutting her hair would prevent decapitation later lol

Pink:    She is one with the turban

Pink:    Lol

Pink:    She gets decapitated?!

Pink:    YESSSS

Pokeninja90:    It was different, but idk if I outright hate it

Iris:    She doesn’t Pink 😦

Pokeninja90:    It was just problematic

Pink:    AWWWWW

Iris:    She stays alive

Iris:    In all routes

Iris:    Rrgh

Pink:    Ugh

Pokeninja90:    But I’m not a fan of slavery

Pink:    Eww

Pink:    Same here

Cat:    YUP

[Lilli enters chat]

Iris:    I think the question of slavery wasn’t addressed enough

Cat:    offensive, and needed more length to actually make the content/themes justice

Pokeninja90:    What did yall think about CT choosing to have POC characters in the game?

Iris:    The family Neqtia is from is actually pretty nice to their slaves

Pink:    I almost ranted about it.

Iris:    Which is like 1% of the slave owner population?

Cat:    if they were going to do this, might as well not have used POC

Pink:    Why did they?

Pokeninja90:    They didn’t say

Iris:    What’s POC?

Pokeninja90:    People of color

Iris:    Oh

Pokeninja90:    I checked

Pink:    I guess apparently, whenever the topic of slaves pops up, people assume they’re POC.

Pokeninja90:    But they didn’t explain the choice

Pink:    Instead of the million other races out there

Iris:    That, and I thought this was in a desert climate region? It’s only understandable that the people there wouldn’t be white.

Pokeninja90:    Yeah, I was mad about that

Pokeninja90:    Finally a game with an all poc cast and it’s about slavery

Pokeninja90:    *sigh*

Pink:    Yeah. But I’ve seen historical games like this where they just spray all over it with a can of whitewash.

Pokeninja90:    I agree with Pink

Pink:    I feel you, Naja.

Cat:    hmm

Iris:    :0?!

Loomy:    I guess slavery was a good bait for a spicy romance

Pokeninja90:    There are better ways to make a game like this

Cat:    yup

Loomy:    But there wasn’t any spice really

Cat:    The story wasn’t all that good and the art was good, as was the UI

Pink:    I think they tried to get in touch with the kinky historical BDSM nerds

Pokeninja90:    Exactly Loomy

Pink:    But this is too much

Cat:    But, the story…

Lilli:    i dropped it tbh and i forgot to pick it about up

Cat:    really needed a full scope game

Pink:    Ya

Lilli:    back up*

Pink:    Didn’t the story line feel a bit rushed though?

Pokeninja90:    I commend the POC…just not like this

Pink:    Didn’t the story line feel a bit rushed though?

Pink:    I saw the Let’s Plays in like 2 hours.

Pokeninja90:    Yeah, but they were on a tight deadline

Cat:    if they were going to do it like this…might as well gone white

Cat:    instead



Pink:    Ahhh. So instead of giving proper endings….

Pokeninja90:    CT tends to have pretty diverse games

Iris:    Everyone remember that this was made in 1 month

Pink:    We get shirty sacrifices bc they didn’t have enough time to finish.

Pink:    Lol

Pokeninja90:    Which is why I like them

Pink:    Lol “shirty”

Iris:    XD


Pokeninja90:    Lol

Pink:    SO DEAD

Iris:    One had a bikini and the other one didnt have anything

Pokeninja90:    They sure didn’t

Lilli:    those sweet abs

Pink:    I bet MC girl got a shirt….

Iris:    Nope

Iris:    She literally

Pokeninja90:    She had a tube top

Iris:    Wore what she usually wore

Iris:    + all the ornaments

Pink:    Well, it is the desert….

Iris:    Aren’t you supposed to be humble?

Lilli:    and a sash

Iris:    You’re being sacrificed

Pink:    Ya

Pink:    Oooh~

Iris:    Whats with all the things proving you’re high class i dnt understand

Pokeninja90:    Meh, the goddess doesn’t care about clothes

Pink:    It would’ve been more interesting if MC had been sacrificed~

Iris:    The people do

Iris:    Usually

Pink:    I could see that going somewhere

Iris:    In their blind faith way

Loomy:    Yeah it would have brought more tension and drama

Cat:    It’d have been more interesting if she’d actually been sacrificed

Pink:    Yeah

Iris:    Actually in the true end

Iris:    I wish the girl slave punched Neqtia

Iris:    When she asked about how they felt about dying

Pink:    And the slaves could’ve been conflicted over whether to save her and stay slaves

Cat:    YUP ME TOO

Pink:    Or let her die

Pokeninja90:    Yeah, I was like how do you think they feel

Cat:    I spent the whole game wanting to punch her

Pink:    Lol Iris

Pink:    Same

Cat:    if they pick this type of theme and concepts for a one month game, then they gotta deal with the backlash of not doing it right or needing more time

Iris:    I wished someone would punch her many times throughout the game

Pink:    “Why don’t they see how kindly I’m treating them?”

Iris:    Uhhh


Lilli:    MC was horid

Cat:    I wanted to gut her

Pink:    “You slaves don’t appreciate what I’ve sacrificed for you”

Iris:    And then she did a compelte 180° with all the grace of an ignorant brat

Iris:    “OoooOoOOOOOHH I DIDN’T KNOWWwwww”

Cat:    It also felt prety shitty that she needed two slave sacrifices to actually learn about the way she was priviliged

Cat:    LIKE F*** HER


Pokeninja90:    Yeah…


Pink:     “I didn’t know the life of a slave was that horrible”

Cat:    YUP

Pokeninja90:    That’s usually how it is for those on top

Pink:    And I’m just facepalming the entire time

Iris:    They see but they don’t see

Pokeninja90:    Not that that excuses it

Pink:    It doesn’t

Iris:    So I thought Neqtia’s perspective was done pretty accurately

Iris:    The slaves’ though…

Pokeninja90:    Same Iris

Pokeninja90:    Yeah that was another story

Pink:    If you really were as “kind” as you say you are, you should’ve been more caring and attentive.

Iris:    I think they had good personalities, but the romance pushed everything into the fire

Pink:    Yeah

Cat:    Yup

Pink:    Honestly, I think they set this one up to fail from the start.

Cat:    and those romance ends… smh

Pink:    As soon as they decide to have a master-slave romance

Pokeninja90:    It won an award

Lilli:    this game sounds like a hot mess

Pink:    *sigh*

Pokeninja90:    Best EVN 2014

Lilli:    evn?

Pokeninja90:    English Visual novel

Lilli:    oh

Iris:    It would have worked better if they put more time into developing relationships

Pink:    Anything with poc slaves in it gets an award, Naja.

Iris:    Like friendship relationships

Pink:    Especially in movies.

Lilli:    LMAOO

Cat:    …

Cat:    smh

Pokeninja90:    Yeah I know girl…I know


Pokeninja90:    I did


Pink:    *sigh*

Pokeninja90:    The competition was light Lilli

Pink:    I wanna get back to my Nobunaga game…

Pink:    So sexy…

Pokeninja90:    Final question

Iris:    It’s a well done game with its Achilles heel being the plot

Iris:    You can’t deny that

Pokeninja90:    Would you play another Cyanide Tea game?

Cat:    …

Iris:    I can see why they got an award

Lilli:    sure

Cat:    no

Pokeninja90:    Agreed Iris

Cat:    from this one instance i wouldn’t

Pink:    I have played one of them, and it was pretty decent.

Iris:    Yes

Lilli:    the shadows games is already on my system

Cat:    but since i’ve heard good from their other games i might give them a second chance

Pokeninja90:    Shadows is great!!

Pink:    That’s why I was so disappointed in this one.

Iris:    Taarradhin is like the black sheep of the family imo


Pokeninja90:    Lol

Pink:    For real though

Cat:    i think they got an award just for the pretty art

Pokeninja90:    I loved Shadows

Cat:    and the themes

Lilli:    But tbh I’ve played two of their games and I dont really feel anything for their work but w/e

Pink:    Lol Lilli

Loomy:    If not all their games are done in one month yes, I like an original concept even if it failed. It kinda make you go “what if”

Pokeninja90:    They write fun games

Pink:    Yeah

Pokeninja90:    Agreed Loomy

Cat:    Their non-nanoremo games are paid ones

Pink:    Yup


Lilli:    Good job ya’ll that did play u were strong

Cat:    It was only 1h 20min

Cat:    I wanted to see how much worse it got

Pokeninja90:    And with that that’s the end of the discussion

Lilli:    lol

Lilli:    welp, laterz

[Chat ends]


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