Deadman’s Cross Expectations

untitled-1We held a discussion on October 30th. Anny made an announcement they’d grab people:

Anny: I will grab a few that happens to pass by this chat to have the expectations talk. So there’s no set time.

[45 minutes later]

Iris: I don’t have any expectations other than “wow what is this looks scary and like something I would never play”, lol
Anny: Lol. I’m not sure if it’ll be scary. Maybe. I’m a little worried though. What if my heart stops because it is?
Iris: It’s an online game?! Also 4-person multiplayer?! And the last update was more than a month ago?! Wow where did you guys dig this game up from lmao
Anny: It was among my recommendations and I just kind of went through those for the Twitter poll we had and apparently you ended up talking about having something Halloween-ish… and yeah. One thing led to another. Don’t blame me though. I was never going to suggest this game, tbh, but it was the only mobile RPG with a horror theme I knew.
Pink: This looks really gory.
Pink: I like it.
Anny: Lol.
Casandra: Lol, I like the art
Anny: Yeah, I like the art as well.
Anny: It’s a zombie card rpg (or something) and I’m kind of expecting I’ll enjoy collecting zombie cards. Other than that I’m pretty unsure what to think. It’s Square Enix, but somehow I have a hard time imagining it would be awesome. Lol.
Casandra: Really just expecting a standard rpg with some zombie graphics.
Pink: Can’t wait!
Anny: Lol Pink.
Anny: At least someone seems to be excited about this.
Pink: Yup! Do i get to shoot zombies? Just wondering.
Anny: It’s been a while since I saw the trailer, but I think so. Maybe? Don’t take my word for it though.
Pink: Ah. Okay.

[Pink left the chat]

Iris: Oh, it’s a TCG? Expect a lot of money grabbing then.
Anny: It’s a mix of RPG and card game, with zombies.

[Iris left the chat]

Anny: I guess this kind of ends this makeshift mini expectations discussion with the conclusion “We’re not expecting much, but Pink is excited about this”. Lol.
Casandra: Lol


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