Deadman’s Cross final thoughts

On December 16th we had a very late chat on the final thoughts on Deadman’s Cross. Casandra and Iris were first in at the time of the chat.

Casandra: So Iris, what did you think? I didn’t make it past the introduction. ^^;
Iris: It was baaaaad xDDDD
Casandra: I know right!
Casandra: Waaaaay too much info in the beginning.
Casandra: And really boring gameplay…

[Pink logged in.]

Pink: I’M HERE
Iris: Yeah…
Casandra: So what did you think?
Pink: It was fun for the first few hours
Iris: The TCG part was lackluster, especially since the battling was automatic. The exploration was lackluster because all you did was move forward, get stuff, lose stamina, maybe get ambushed by a deadman (TM). The FPS was pathetic. I have too many problems with that part.
Iris: ^ summary of my rant
Pink: Yeah, I agree with Iris.
Pink: In zombie games, I’m usually afraid of zombies popping out of nowhere. But this one wasn’t even frightening
Casandra: I just got so confused with how all these bits were supposed to fit together? Like what, did you just glue 3 games together??
Pink: Lolol
Iris: Basically, lol.
Iris: You get cards by playing the FPS part
Pink: Ugh
Casandra: Yeah but that FPS part.
Iris: They form your deadmen (TM) army, which you use to fight other people or defend yourself against the deadmen (TM) that pop up during exploration
Casandra: OMG, why didn’t they just focus on making that better?
Iris: It’s funny how it’s been more than a month since I ranted and I’m saltier than the sea lol
Pink: Lol Iris
Casandra: It could’ve been fun if that worked, because it was easily the tensed bit. tensest? most exciting /fails at English
Casandra: lol xD
Pink: I forgot what the point of that was. Aren’t the characters trying to eliminate the deadmen?
Pink: Then why keep them as pets or whatever?
Iris: It never said
Iris: Or I skipped through it
Iris: It would be logical though
Iris: Since that kid “boss” of yours is anything but
Casandra: I remember one thing, there was mission with a name that I misread as something pervy. That’s all I remember. xD
Pink: Lol
Casandra: Ugh and the difference between the character art and the card art….
Iris: “Here, you can be my minion. Do all my work for me while I sit in this random lab that was never destroyed, filled with all of your pet deadmen (TM)”
Casandra: It really felt like 10 things glued together.
Iris: They had every kind of style in the cards. It was stomach turning to say it mildly
Casandra: I thought it’d be boring at worst, not this BAD.

[Pink posts a screenshot of a LINE note she made.]

Pink: Found that note I made a while ago lol
Pink: It was pretty boring though, Cas.
Iris: Yeah, it was boring.
Casandra: OMG, I’d forgotten how damn UGLY the MC was.
Pink: Yup. He was hideous
Casandra: Boring zombies…. That was a new experience for me.
Iris: Never remember
Pink: Same here
Casandra: <– these cards mislead me. Seriously, I dig this art! Why wasn’t it used more in the damn game.
Pink: /shrugs
Casandra: Heck why wasn’t it just a regular old card game. I’d have played the hell out of that.
Pink: All that card stuff confused me
Casandra: /getting salty again
Casandra: I’m a Trading Card Game nut, so I’m always up for more addictions. xD
Iris: The good art is reserved for 5 star and above
Pink: Lol
Casandra: …that’s not how you’re supposed to do this. Dipshits.
Pink: And the character art….
Pink: Smh

[The chat starts talking about trading card games for a while. Then Lilli joins the chat.]

Casandra: o/ Lilli
Casandra: Got anything bad to say about the zombie game?
Pink: Lilli’s here to bring the salt
Lilli: i didn’t play it
Pink: Or not.
Casandra: Then I’m going to wrap up the discussion. xD And we can continue talking proper TCGs…..
Pink: Lolol


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