A game is chosen by the club members together and play it at the same time and then discuss it afterwards.

Currently communication for these games are entirely done on LINE, which is a multi-platform free chat software. It works on phones, tablets and computers.

The club members choose a game together that the members have or can get to play. Which language one plays in is up to you, so just because someone plays a game in Japanese, doesn’t mean you can’t play it in French if it’s available and just because someone plays it on PC doesn’t mean someone else can’t play it on a PS4, for instance.

After a game is chosen, the members choose a time span, often based on how long they think it’ll take them to play through it based on things like health, school, family and work. The time span has been from a¬†week to 3 months so far. A start and a finish date is decided, but nothing says you can’t start a game before and finish after – we have no rules, but the dates are guidelines.

Before starting a game, we discuss what we expect from a game. This can be a bit different for everyone – some people have a lot of expectations, other prefer going in neutral and it’s fine to not join in during the expectation discussions. The expectations can be discussed on the date we start or before we do.

Then we play the game. We might or might not discuss things during the time, but as everyone plays at different paces, it is recommended not to have these discussions in the game club chat. You can have it on different chats or on Twitter.

On or after the end date, we discuss how the game was and how we felt about it. We can discuss characters, story, game play and generally give the game a score. Every opinion is accepted, and hence no bashing is allowed! It helps, however, to explain why you think this or that way.

Our only rule is to be kind and respectful to one another. No one is required to play a game and you can always back out or jump into it in the middle. You can also just join in at the finale discussions or the expectations, but not play the game during the club’s period for this game. We also accept extending dates for any reason if majority is fine with it, and we never shorten the date unless everyone says they are ready for end discussions.