That Game Club is run by volunteers who are passionate about gaming and especially gaming together.

NessaHijackedCat/Nessa/Cat: CEO, Founder, a silly, useless person ~(^◇^)/
Blog: Another Gaming Day
I’m from: The South of Europe, neighbour to Spain~
My favourite game genre: Visual novels, without a doubt. Also very fond of jrpg, but I’m sooo lazy 😅
What I do:I’m the useless member that came up with the club idea and so I’m just the jack of all trades, member of none that hangs around 😂

AnnyAnny: “Secretary-kind of person? That’s me, isn’t it?”
Blog: The Anny Blog
I’m from: The Northern European forests, mostly surrounded by bears, moose, hares, squirrels, a few reindeers and probably some lynxes. Oh, and I have some human neighbours too, but the rest clearly outnumber them.
My favourite game genre: When I don’t spend hours and hours on Final Fantasy XIV, I’ll be playing some other RPG or otome game. I also seem to enjoy action-adventure and can probably play any visual novel that doesn’t involve sex.
What I do: I do stuff like keep track on what games and consoles people have so we can suggest games, as well as have a member list. I’m the one you’re most likely getting in touch with if you mail us, or hang out on the Facebook page and Twitter. I’m probably doing more behind the scenes like reminding people what they’re supposed to be doing, but who knows? I’m the one who made the staff avatars on this page.

PokeninjaPokeninja90: Designer/Editor of the group…”I make stuff look pretty”
Blog: Nice Job Breaking It, Hero
I’m from: ‘Murica, land of the free and home of the brave, but, I guess I should be more specific… I live in the city with the really big white house and all those big stone tourist traps, you know what I’m talking about, there’s the giant pencil…and the big old guy in that really uncomfortable chair.
My favorite game genre: I’m especially fond of the Pokemon series of games, I make it my mission to try and catch ‘em all! But, when I’m not doing that I like to play adventure games, like the Ace Attorney series or mystery detective games, like Hotel Dusk… Okay, who am I kidding I play a crap ton of otome games. I’ve been playing them for over three years now and my addiction has only grown.
What I do: I make everything you guys see look pretty, by maintaining the gorgeous design of the That Game Club blog. From the aesthetically pleasing color palette to the format of the individual pages, I make this place look good! But, my duties don’t end there, I’m also responsible for editing most if not all of the posts on this blog alongside my fellow Game Club members: Anny, Cat, and Cas!

CasandraCasandara/Casandra: The heroine “I run around and do what others tell me.”
Blog: Queen of Backlogs
I’m from: A very soggy, flat and densely populated country in the north west of Europe. We also have a lot of greenhouses over here. I basically looks like the sun’s still setting at 3 AM, because there’s a permanent glow on the horizon.
My Favourite game genre: I absolutely love RPGs in all forms. I play D&D and Mage with friends in real life and Final Fantasy is my absolutely favourite game series. I’ve mainly played JRPGs so far, but I also like RTS games like the Tiberian Sun, action/adventures games like the Tomb Raider series, rhythm games like Project Diva and fighting games like Tekken. I’m new to otoge and visual novels in general, but I like them already. ^^
TL;DR if it’s not a racing game, I’ll play it.
What I do: I take quests from the other members and do what needs to be done. *strikes a pose*